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Why is planning your pension so important?

Public sector pensions are complex and it can be difficult to build an impartial view of your benefits in retirement. At Pegasus Financial Consultancy our goal is to take away all the jargon and provide you with a clear, concise roadmap to financial security in your retirement. With over a decade of experience providing expert financial advice to members of the public sector, we are uniquely positioned to provide you with a comprehensive retirement service to reach your goals.

These are some of the key question we discuss with clients during our Discovery meeting.

  • Will you have 40 years’ service?
  • Do you want to work until 65?
  • How does the change in the old age pension affect you?
  • What level of income do you want to have in retirement?
  • When do you want to retire?
  • What will your spouse’s income be in retirement.?

Our process includes:

  • Identification of which pension scheme they are members of ( they are 4 )
  • A clear easy to understand explanation of your pension scheme and how it works.
  • Detailed review of your service history.
  • Planning capacity to integrate potential career breaks or reduction in hours and an illustration of how this will affect your pension.
  • Calculation of your earliest retirement age.
  • Calculation of what your pension will likely be.

We provide a detailed planning report to clients incorporating all of the above.

Our expertise involves the following areas:

  • Notional Service purchase
  • PCW Buyback scheme/buying back years
  • Backdating
  • Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC’s)
  • Last minute AVC’s

A common oversight for married couples in planning your retirement options is not review your spouse’s pension situation. At Pegasus Financial Consultancy we assess your overall financial position to ensure that our advice encompasses all aspects of your financial world. A proper financial review should look at everything not just one area. To gain a better understanding of your own financial situation, please contact Pegasus Financial Consultancy for a comprehensive review. to 'To gain a better understanding of your own financial situation, please book your Discovery meeting.


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