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Discovery Meeting

During your discovery meeting, we listen to what aspect of your life you would like financial help on. You set the agenda and we begin the process of researching how to achieve your goals.

  • Creating a discipline
  • Making a budget
  • Starting a savings habit (short term/medium term/long term)

Specialised Financial Planning For Pharmacist’s


Financial Planning is the combination of all aspects of your financial world and incorporating them into a coherent, achievable roadmap to achieve your financial goals.

Pharmacy is an extremely challenging profession and our role is to assist our clients in terms of providing bespoke financial advice to help pharmacists achieve their own goals.

Your Financial Road-Map


Blueprint for your Financial Life:

Life style financial planning is a living document that is built around you and your goals and aspirations. Everyone client is unique and that’s why we focus enormously on the ‘Why’ for our clients.


We will work with you to ensure to identify any major barriers to you achieving your long term financial goals and proactively adjust your plan to keep you on the right track.

We look at the ‘what if’ scenarios to see are they realistic or not and we work with you to adjust your finances to make those scenarios a reality.

What actually is important to you in life?

Would you like the option to take a step back from work to spend more time with your family or on other passions?

When would you like to retire and is this realistic?

What level of income would you like to have in retirement?

Are you and your family protected in the event of ill health or death?

Prioritising Goals:

You have only limited resources, the key is to maximise your resources in the most efficient manner possible to get the best results. We assist our clients in term of prioritising their resources and balancing cash flow for short term needs as well as long term. Every pharmacist we advise goes through a detailed Cash Flow plan at the outset so that we have a true picture of your financial world.

Elements of a Financial Plan:


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