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Financial Well being Seminars

Taking care of your employees

Providing financial seminars for your staff is a proactive step that employers regardless of their size are finding adds tremendous benefits to the overall atmosphere in workplaces and also strengthens employer employee relationships.

A happy workforce is a productive workforce and can be often be a major factor for potential employees deciding on taking a job or remaining in a job.

Pegasus Financial Consultancy will listen to your specific needs and work with you to deliver a truly holistic seminar for your employees. We will work with your company to ensure that your employees get the most from your seminars.

  • Work place pensions,
  • Sick pay schemes,
  • Personal financial planning
  • Health insurance.

  • As part of an employee benefits day or week.
  • On a specific department basis or team basis
  • On an individual one to once consultation

The benefits of these seminars include:

  • Improved productivity in the workplace.
  • Greater understanding of their existing benefits in work.
  • Harmony in the workplace
  • Reduced distraction from financial pressure.


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