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Investment Planning

The Power of Investing

Savings is consumption deferred, thus it is essential that these savings generate a real return for you to maintain it’s purchasing power.

No two clients are the same, thus investment portfolios should reflect your own specific goals. We work proactively with you to identify if long term investing is in your best interest.

As an independent financial planning firm our guiding investment ethos revolves around ensuring that our clients fully understand:

  • The goal of their investment
  • The type of investment they are going into
  • The risks associated with their investment.

1.  Discussion:

  • Target rate of return (What return are you hoping for your investment?)
  • Attitude to risk (What type of investment strategy is right for you)
  • Time horizon (How long can you invest for)
  • Access to capital (Have you enough emergency savings not to access the capital you are investing?)
  • Investment Experience (Have you invested before)

2.  Portfolio Building:

  • Design a bespoke investment strategy for our clients to aim to achieve the desired outcome for their capital.
  • Liaise with institutions and fund managers to ensure our chosen approach has the ability to deliver on our client’s goals.
  • Adapt a disciplined investment process focusing heavily on diversification within portfolios.
  • Aim to reduce risk and over exposure to one particular asset type by sometimes using downside protection mechanisms.
  • Ensure liquidity within portfolios at all stages.

3.  Recommendations:

  • Detailed report explaining the reasons for our selected choice.
  • Explanation of all fees and associate risks.

4.  Annual Reviews:

  • We provide a meeting twice yearly for all investment clients to review this portfolio.
  • This is an integral component of our service to ensure you are kept up to date with your portfolio.


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