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Pegasus – Public Sector Finance Experts

Pegasus Financial Consultancy has expertise in advising members of the HSE and the teaching profession untangle their finances by creating a clear and transparent financial plan for their futures.

Our firm is built on providing professional independent advice that puts our clients at the centre. We focus on the why’s and the ‘what if’ scenarios to ensure that clients fully understand the decision they are making and the objective of each strategy in place.

We create personalised financial plans to help members of the public sector plan for the future, financially protect their families and make the right decision financial decisions in planning for their retirement.


Approaching Retirement

Pegasus Financial Consultancy provide a completely independent consultation with clients who are approaching their selected retirement age


Protecting your family’s financial security is the cornerstone of all financial planning.


Public sector pensions are complex and often for clients it can be difficult for them to build an impartial view of their benefits in retirement.

Investment Planning

We all want our money to work as hard for us as we work to save it in the first place.

Cash Flow Planning

At Pegasus Financial Consultancy we use market leading software to help our clients to actively review their cash flow position and to identify areas where they can make improvements.

PaySlip Analysis

One of the first areas we review for newly qualified public servants is their payslips.


  • At Pegasus Financial Consultancy, we help clients to make the better financial decisions with their finances. We focus ...READ MORE
  • Discovery Meeting

    During your discovery meeting, we listen to what aspect of your life you would like financial help on. You set the agenda and we begin the process of researching how to achieve your goals.

    • Creating a discipline
    • Making a budget
    • Starting a savings habit (short term/medium term/long term)

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