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What has changed?

Significant changes occurred in 2014 for all members of the public service in relation to their sick pay entitlements. In all cases sick pay entitlements changed from 365 days over a rolling 4 year period to a reduced level of benefits.

Sick pay benefits have been reviewed and now fall into two distinct categories.

Ordinary illness allows a teacher to qualify for:

  • A maximum of 92 days sick leave on full pay
  • A maximum of 91 days sick leave on  half pay

Critical illness allows a teacher to qualify for:

  • A maximum of 183 days sick leave on full pay in a year
  • A maximum of 182 days sick leave on  half pay
  • Subject to a maximum of 365 days paid sick leave in a rolling four year period.

In both scenarios you may be entitled to Temporary Rehabilitation period (TRP) as a further extension of your sick leave but not on full pay or half pay.

This is an extremely complex area and requires specialist advice to review your own specific situation.

As a rule of thumb there is no minimum service period and a lump sum of 1 times pensionable remuneration would be payable to your estate.

There are differences within respective bodies in the public sector so please contact us directly to establish your specific death in service entitlements.

At Pegasus Financial Consultancy, we will ensure you are fully aware of your sick pay and death in service benefits. On completion of this, we will advise you on the best means of protecting you and your family.

We will ensure you:

  • Have the right level of cover
  • At the right stage of your life
  • For the most affordable cost

For members of public sector trade unions we do not provide private income protection as it does not represent best advice in our view.

Our detailed protection portfolio review service incorporates the following:

  • Identify your protection needs
  • Review your existing portfolio
  • Research all available options to identify the best choice for your family.
  • Complete a detailed protection recommendation report
  • Guide you from start to finish in the application process.


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