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Business Protection

Protecting your most valuable assets

Many businesses never factor in the enormous loss or uncertainty a business would face if a key individual were to become seriously ill or were to pass away.

  • How would the business survive financially?
  • How would the individual family cope?
  • How would it affect profits?
  • Who would replace them on a temporary basis?
  • Where would the income come from to take on a new employee?

Often these discussions take place in a frantic, uncoordinated manner sadly after the event has taken place when it is too late to take any proactive steps.

At Pegasus Financial Consultancy, we advise company directors and businesses on the best ways to ensure to protect their business.

We provide security for:

  • Clients ensuring that surviving directors/partners have the financial means to purchase the deceased shareholding from the deceased estate.
  • The family of the deceased by ensuring that they are financially independent.
  • Your business by ensuring any future plans are reflective of your wishes.

In all aspects of our advice we strive to ensure that wherever possible our recommendations are payable by the company and are as tax efficient as possible.

  • Businesses that rely on the expertise of key individuals to operate.
  • Businesses that have company loans in place.
  • Businesses that do not have a firm succession plan in place in the event of the death of a director or key employee.

Partnership protection:

  • Provides a lump sum to surviving partners to allow them to purchase the share of a deceased partner from the deceased’s next of kin, ensuring they will retain full control of the business.
  • The plan benefits both the remaining partners and the deceased partner’s next of kin. It can be set up in a tax efficient manner with remaining partners owning the deceased’s share without paying inheritance tax:

Key Person Insurance:

  • Key person cover protects your business against financial loss due to the death or serious illness of a key employee.
  • This can mean loss of profits, the repayments of loans or the recruitment of new staff.
  • The company takes out a life insurance policy on behalf of the key employee for a set period of years.
  • The company owns the policy and the proceeds are payable to the company in the event of the key employee becoming seriously ill or passing away.

Shareholder Protection

  • Two major types of shareholder protection
    • Corporate shareholder protection
    • Personal Shareholder Protection
  • The key advantage of this type of cover is that it provides the means for surviving shareholders or directors to have the financial means either personally or through the company to protect the future success of the company and to provide fair value to the deceased shareholders estate.
  • Each option is structured separately and we will advise you on which option best meets your needs.

  • A key factor that is often overlooked is the importance of reviewing your existing plans.
  • We provide a holistic review service where we will analyse your current provisions and make any recommendation if necessary.


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