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Approaching Retirement

Advice Has Never Been More Important

Pegasus Financial Consultancy provide an independent consultation with clients who are approaching their retirement age. This is extremely important to ensure you are in the strongest financial position to retire comfortably into your designated lifestyle.

During out pre-retirement meeting, we will discuss the following issues:

  • The impact your retirement will have on your cash flow.
  • What your pension and lump sum will likely be.
  • Last minute options to maximise your pension.
  • Expert advice on how to manage your investments in retirement.
  • Advice on the most beneficial way of accessing your AVC or PRSA/AVC.
  • Detailed explanation of the administration element of retirement.
  • Bespoke advice on Approved Retirement Funds

‘’We are living longer than ever’’

Many retirees feel that once they have reached retirement, that financial planning is no longer necessary. This is a common misconception. Life expectancy continues to increase and we are enjoying many years of active retirement.

This represents a new challenge, to ensure that you are financially secure over a longer time horizon.

At Pegasus Financial Consultancy, we aim to:

“Help you enjoy your desired standard of living for as long as possible by making smarter decisions with your money’’

We achieve this by:

  • Working with you to identify what your income needs are in retirement. Often there is a substantial difference between what you actually spend and what you think you spend
  • Review all existing assets that are providing you with income, i.e. pension, investment property, shares, Approved Retirement Funds etc.
  • Identify any shortfalls between what income you have and the desired income you need.
  • Actively rebalance your portfolio to aim to achieve this goal.
  • Review your portfolio on a yearly basis.

The benefit of taking professional financial advice in retirement is huge. Through a proactive approach, we can ensure you have the financial security to enjoy a prosperous retirement.


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