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Retirement Planning

Overview: Getting to grips with an ever changing pension landscape is a major concern for existing employers and start-ups alike. With an increased number of companies opting away from historic pension schemes, new innovative solutions are required We take the uncertainty out of planning your firms pension schemes and allow you to concentrate on your core goals, driving your business on.

Many firms regardless of size think pension are all the same but nothing could be further from the


Common Concerns for employers:

  • Where do I even start in exploring my options?
  • What are my legal responsibilities to my staff?
  • Do I provide a company pension plan or a PRSA to my staff?
  • Should I make it available to all staff or have minimum entry criteria?
  • What are the costs involved?
  • How much as a firm do we need to contribute?
  • What investments options do I choose?
  • What happens if they leave?

At Pegasus Financial Consultancy, we provide a full advisory service to solve all the above concerns and assist small and medium size firms on improving their existing pension schemes or designing a new scheme.

Our advisory service consists of the following

1. Discovery Meeting:

a. Listen to you the employer to understand your specific requirements and needs.

b. Explain your obligations as an employer towards your staff in terms of pension


c. Ensure you understand how pensions work and the differences within them.

d. Explain an overview of the likely costs of a scheme to be put in place.

e. Agree a brief with you the employer to ensure our recommendations are reflective of the criteria you have set out.

2. Review and Research:

a. Once the discovery meeting has concluded and a brief has been agreed, we begin our review process.

b. Detailed analysis of any existing schemes to identify any potential improvements.

c. Research the market to identify the most suitable option for your firm’s requirements.

3. Recommendations Meeting:

a. Once our review period is completed, we will provide you with a detailed report of

b. Full explanation of the reasons we have made our recommendation.

c. Breakdown of all aspects you need to be aware of our recommendations.

4. Initial Implementation

a. We will then agree a timescale for the implementation of this plan.

b. We agree with clients all the necessary steps towards the successful implementation of any plan

5. On Going Support

a. We work with all our corporate clients to ensure on a yearly basis their employees are met and updated all aspects relevant to their pension scheme.


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